Welcome to Portner Counseling Group

At Portner Counseling Group (PCG), we specialize in providing private and professional counseling services for adolescents, young adults, adults and their families who are dealing with issues associated with drug and alcohol use.

We are aware of the distinct needs and challenges  inherent in each of these developmental periods.  To meet these needs, PCG offers an array of specialized outpatient services. These include:

Individual Counseling: At PCG, the counselor and individual work as a team, where mutual respect guides them in resolving the particular issues that are brought to the counseling process.

Group Counseling: Clients solve problems and resolve issues related to drug and alcohol use, while developing supportive relationships with fellow group members in a safe and supportive environment.  

Family Counseling: Family members learn about the various aspects of addiction, as well as develop skills necessary to assist their family member to foster and maintain change and growth.

Consultation: Our wealth of knowledge and experience in the area of addiction treatment are available to you in our office, or in your home.

We pride ourselves at Portner Counseling Group on our commitment and dedication to our clients.   It’s that dedication, coupled with our knowledge and expertise in the field of addiction counseling, that has afforded us the opportunity  to be a part of  the successful changes in many of our clients lives.