Addiction Counseling Services that Work

Casey-Portner-CEOCasey Portner LMHC, CAP  is the founder and Director of the Portner Counseling Group (PCG.)  Casey is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Certified Addictions Professional who  received his bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Central Florida and went on to get his masters degree in Counselor Education from Florida Atlantic University.  Casey has completed  focused course work on the physiological aspects of drug addiction and human psychology, as well as received extensive training on the treatment of co-occurring disorders.  Professionally, Casey has spent the last 10 years working with Individuals with addiction and co-occurring disorders providing Individual and group therapy, consultation and assessment, and case management in both a hospital and outpatient setting.  Casey has also worked closely with the Broward County Drug Court as a liaison to the court, providing assessment and treatment recommendations for individuals suffering from co-occurring disorders.

Therapeutically, Casey employs an eclectic approach utilizing evidenced based practices proven in facilitating the change process in the lives of those dealing with addictions.  These practices include Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Stages of Change Model, Solution Focused Therapy and the Twelve Step Model.  It is Casey’s belief that the change process occurs differently for everyone  and a key to success is to match the appropriate technique or combination of techniques with the  individual seeking help.  Casey is gifted in his ability to connect with the individuals he works with through the creation of a partnership grounded in trust and mutual respect. By creating a safe, warm and empathic space, coupled with the skilled application of the above techniques Casey has been extremely successful in helping individuals overcome their addictions and the many problems that accompany them including interpersonal, educational, familial, relational, occupational and financial.




Ashley Ramos is the Clinical Services Coordinator at Portner Counseling Group. She has been an integral part of the PCG team since December of 2014, providing a wide range of therapeutic services including substance abuse evaluations, group counseling, individual counseling, and case management services. Ashley graduated from the University of Miami with her bachelor’s degree in Psychology, and has spent the last four years immersing herself in the human services field, serving co-occurring populations in both residential as well as outpatient settings. She is currently enrolled in Florida Atlantic University’s Master of Social Work program, and is also working towards attaining her certification as an addictions professional (CAP).

Because Ashley understands that growth and change are internal processes, she utilizes Motivational Interviewing and incorporates Stages of Change Theory, with foundations in strengths-based, client-centered treatment philosophies, in order to empower individuals to actively participate in the treatment process. This begins by helping clients to genuinely and non-judgmentally define the nature of their relationship with drugs and alcohol, then collaboratively define their goals, needs, values, strengths, and desired areas for growth. In assisting individuals to take ownership of their recovery, the change process becomes intrinsically motivated. Additionally, Ashley utilizes a systems-based approach when helping clients establish their goals. Ashley believes that true recovery is accomplished through an active transformation of thoughts, actions, and perceptions, and that a strong foundation for recovery holistically considers an individual’s social support structure, relationships, cognitive thought processes, financial stability, career/school commitments, medical and psychiatric well-being, and other environmental factors. Ashley aims to help individuals create an overall lifestyle that is in line with their values and goals, and that supports their recovery. The collaborative relationships that Ashley has established with her clients have served as a driving force in motivating her to serve her community and make positive impacts on the lives of others.