Addiction Counseling Services that Work

Group-Therapy-Session-2Group Counseling at PCG is a process where individuals are able to solve problems and resolve issues related to drug and alcohol use, through the developmental of supportive relationships with fellow group members.  Through a process of  sharing and receiving feedback, as well as providing support and encouragement,  in a safe and supportive environment, group members develop skills and tools necessary in achieving lasting recovery.   The role of a PCG counselor is to guide the counseling process, model healthy relationship and leadership skills, provide support and feedback to group members, and ensure a safe and supportive environment is maintained.  The benefits of group counseling  at PCG are that it emphasizes the development of healthy interpersonal relationships, effective communication skills, and problem solving skills, all necessary to the development and maintenance of a healthy lifestyle.

As with all services at PCG, Counseling groups are developed to address the unique needs of the individuals they serve.  PCG provides counseling groups designed specifically for Adolescence, Young Adults and Adults.  In each of these groups, the unique developmental and cultural needs of the group members are the foundation from which the group counseling process is developed.