Addiction Counseling Services that Work

Adolescent Therapy in South Florida

Portner Counseling Group offers a wide-variety of services for people who are battling addiction, and we specifically offer specialized treatments for adolescent therapy. We provide an effective approach to helping teens face their problems. Addiction treatment for youth requires a unique and special method, and it often involves family counseling. Research indicates that people are more likely to begin abusing drugs during adolescence and young adulthood. They are biologically wired to take risks and seek new experiences, which can result in early drug use. If your teenager is abusing drugs or alcohol, Portner Counseling Group offers resources for the best treatment programs in South Florida that are specifically designed for young adults.

Substance abuse in adolescence can turn into a full-blown addiction if not treated properly. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), 15.2% of individuals who start abusing alcohol by age 14 will develop an alcohol addiction. If your teenager is abusing alcohol or drugs, it’s important to seek help immediately. Major health problems can arise if proper measures are no taken, and it’s not too late for treatment.

Through counseling, adolescent addicts will learn the necessary skills for staying sober and the various methods to help treat addiction. These methods include individual, family, cognitive, and behavioral approaches that aid the recovery process. Addiction counseling also focuses on the underlying emotional or mental problems that may affect a teenager’s drug or alcohol use.

Behavioral Approach

Behavioral adolescent treatment helps young adults actively participate in their recovery and increase their ability to resist drug use. At Portner Counseling in South Florida, our counselors provide incentives to remain drug free, modify beliefs and behaviors related to drug abuse, and assist families in improving their communication skills with their teen. Certain behavioral interventions help young adults to actively participate in their recovery from drug or alcohol abuse, and reinforce their new ability to resist drug use. Our group and family treatment programs are great solutions for any adolescent struggling with this disease. You are not in this alone and Portner Counseling Group is here to help.

Cognitive Approach

Cognitive adolescent treatment is a form of counseling that focuses on reprograming the way an addict thinks. The goal is for an addict to view substance abuse from a new perspective and understand it in a different way. Our counselors help addicts learn to recognize the thoughts associated with drug or alcohol abuse. This can create coping mechanisms for the future to avoid situations involving drugs. We strive for adolescents to build these skills and to maintain them after recovery.

A large component to effective adolescent addiction treatment is family counseling. Teenagers need the support of a healthy home life, with their family completely on board for proper treatment. Family counseling will strengthen communication skills and build a healthy group dynamic for the addict. A positive home life is the key for any teenager on the track to sobriety. A comprehensive approach to adolescent substance abuse is the most effective way to ensure long-term recovery and sobriety. Portner Counseling Group is here to help teens face their problems and guide them on the right track. Contact us today for more information on our addiction treatment program for youth in South Florida.