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family at Christmas

Mental Health Tips For The Holidays

Christmas cookies, latkes, family traditions, spinning the dreidel, presents, and holiday cheer. While the end of the year is supposed to be filled with general merriment, for many people this is simply not that case. Along with unrealistic holiday expectations, the holiday season can also be a time of stress, depression, and loneliness.

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Dual Diagnosis Symptoms: Recognizing a Co-Occurring Disorder in A Loved One

It can be difficult to stand by and watch your loved one struggle. You want what is best for them, but when they are not acting like themselves, you may feel lost. If they are turning to drugs and alcohol instead of you, you may not even know what is wrong. Are they simply sad or is it something more?

At Portner Counseling, we are taking a look at co-occurring disorders and the dual diagnosis symptoms that you should be looking out for with your loved one.

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Signs of Addiction: Your Loved One May Need Treatment

Addiction is a terrible disease with a range of harmful conditions and behaviors. Oftentimes, people hide their addictions from their loved ones, but a person with a mental health or substance abuse disorder may show signs and symptoms relating to their problems. As a loved one of someone who may be suffering, being able to recognize these signs of addiction or struggle can help. This way, all parties can take steps in the right direction, providing them with the treatment and mental health support they may need.

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How to Stay Sober on the Fourth of July

Fourth of July celebrations come with barbequed food, eye-catching fireworks, and beer. Some people may not understand that a holiday like this can be daunting for those in recovery. Independence Day ranks #7 out of the top 10 drunkest holidays in America, and this year will be no different; except when it comes to you. This year you’re going to stay sober. Below are some ways you can stay sober on the Fourth of July and other things to keep in mind.

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Celebrities Who Were Former Addicts

If you’re battling drug or alcohol addiction, you’re not alone. In fact, some of the people you look up to may have even battled a form of addiction themselves. In this case, we’re referring to celebrity role models. Recovery is possible – and there are several celebrity stories to show for it.

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relapse prevention tips

Relapse Prevention Tips

One of the biggest goals of drug addiction counseling is to help patients avoid relapse. But relapse prevention is something that needs to be worked at every day, because many challenges like post-acute withdrawal syndrome (PAWS) make it difficult to resist the temptation of relapse. Still, you can stay sober after getting sober at a Pompano treatment center. We share relapse prevention tips along with signs of relapse to keep a lookout for.

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How to Build Your Support System

Recovery from addiction is a process that doesn’t happen overnight. You’ll feel physical withdrawal, mental withdrawal, and drug cravings. You may come across addiction triggers every single day. While you’ll have the support of licensed mental health counselors during your drug detox and drug addiction counseling at a treatment center, what about when it’s time to go home? It’s crucial you take the time to build a support system during and after treatment. Recovery support systems help people with mental and substance use disorders manage their conditions successfully.1

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relationships in recovery

Healthy Relationships in Recovery

Oftentimes when one is suffering from addiction, relationships suffer as well. Unfortunately, you may have had unhealthy habits that impacted your family relationships, friendships, and even the relationship with your significant other. Making amends is an important factor in the process of recovering from an addiction and maintaining healthy relationships in recovery is vital to long-term sobriety.

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Portner - staying sober during the holidays

Tips for Staying Sober During the Holidays

With endless holiday parties, shopping, and expectations from friends and family on top of past memories of substance abuse and holiday stress, the holiday season can be a challenging time for those in recovery. However stressful the holidays can get, they never have to interfere with all the progress you’ve made during alcohol and drug counseling in Fort Lauderdale. Our treatment specialists at Portner Counseling Group share tips on staying sober during the holidays below.

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How to Ensure Long-Term Sobriety

ensure long-term sobriety


Recovering from drugs and alcohol is no easy task, and successfully completing a drug and alcohol treatment program is a huge milestone in one’s life. Breaking away from the vicious cycle of addiction takes strength and commitment to a changed lifestyle. During treatment, you will learn exactly how to handle future situations that can compromise your sobriety. Not to mention, there will be challenging times as you move forward with your recovery. There are a number of things you can do to preserve your recovery efforts, and even ensure long-term sobriety. Our addiction counseling center in Ft. Lauderdale expresses the importance of learning relapse prevention methods, especially in the early stages of recovery.

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