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Cannabis Abuse Counseling in South Florida

Cannabis, also known as Marijuana, weed, or pot, is a popular drug that many people smoke, bake into foods, or drink in teas. The effects can take place right away, causing feelings of relaxed euphoria. There is a general perception about the “harmlessness” of marijuana, and many users claim it is not possible to become addicted. The fact, however, is that this drug is just as dangerous as any other.

Throughout years of experience, Portner Counseling Group has witnessed the damaging effects of cannabis abuse on people of all ages, races, and ethnic groups. Cannabis abuse is dangerous to your health. It increases risk of heart disease and blood vessel disorders. It weakens your immune system, and increases your chances of asthma, throat, and lung cancer. It impairs judgement and deeply interferes with normal life activity. Marijuana enthusiasts tend to sweep these facts under the rug, however, continuously claiming that marijuana is in no way addictive at all – but the National Institute on Drug Abuse reports that marijuana use leads to the development of Marijuana Disorder, which takes the form of addiction.

There are many signs of cannabis abuse. The most common signs that indicate the need for intervention and cannabis counseling include:

  • Cravings for cannabis
  • Use of cannabis despite its hindering effects on work, school, and home functions
  • Continued use despite negative effects with family, and inability to properly take care of children
  • Problems with law enforcement / arrests
  • Financial instability due to money used for drugs
  • Restlessness, inability to fall asleep without marijuana use
  • Increased use of cannabis to reach desired high
  • Withdrawal symptoms after you stop using the drug
  • A need to use the drug regularly

Therapy is the cornerstone of treatment for marijuana addiction. Portner Counseling Group offers quality counseling for cannabis abuse in Pompano, Florida. Our program is designed for those with court mandated drug programs, as well as those seeking treatment on an individual basis.  For those struggling with a drug addiction, the hardest part is asking for help. Once you find the courage to contact our team, we take it from there. Our highly skilled staff will perform an in-depth evaluation to determine the level of intervention necessary, then we design a program to best suit the immediate needs of the client. Our therapeutic approach targets individual counseling, group counseling, and family counseling.

Our individual cannabis counseling programs work on lifestyle management and problem-solving skills. Our group counseling offers a supportive environment to encourage yourself as well as your peers in recovery. Family counseling assists in addressing any cannabis abuse related issues that may have damaged relationships.

Portner Counseling Group specializes in cannabis abuse counseling in South Florida. Our team consists of licensed, educated, experienced therapists who offer highly specialized counseling services to treat cannabis abuse. Common treatments for cannabis abuse include intervention therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational enhancement therapy, as well as group, marriage, and family therapy.

Now is the time to break your habit and work toward a better life. For more information on our programs, or to make an appointment for cannabis abuse counseling in South Florida, contact Portner Counseling Group today.