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Co-Occuring Disorder Treatment in South Florida

Addiction is a genuine tragedy for anyone in its grasp. There are many facilities available nationwide that can provide drug and alcohol addiction treatment, but where do you turn for yourself or a loved one that is also clearly struggling with mental health issues? There are many people that are fighting depression, anxiety, mood swings, unimaginable emotions, and compulsive behavior each day, and turn to drugs and alcohol to cope and control their moods and fears. The irony, however, is that an addiction only amplifies the struggle. Thus, a co-occurring disorder is born.

What are co-occurring disorders?

A co-occurring disorder takes place when a person is simultaneously struggling with substance abuse issues as well as mental health related problems. Mental health issues can be triggered by genetics, trauma, environment, and life experience. The powerful combination of the two disorders exacerbate each other, making the vicious cycle of addiction harder to escape. That’s why it is recommended for those struggling to work with highly trained counselors with extensive knowledge in addiction and behavior.

Portner Counseling Group offers a wide range of comprehensive counseling services for those struggling with substance abuse and mental health disorders, also known as co-occurring disorders. Our team of professional addiction counselors provide individualized therapy as well as group counseling and family counseling to help clients overcome addiction and mental health related issues.

There are various combinations of co-occurring disorders that Portner Counseling Group can effectively treat, including:

  • Alcoholism and depression
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder and heroin (opioid) addiction
  • Cocaine addiction and anorexia
  • Prescription drug addiction and anxiety
  • Alcoholism and schizophrenia
  • Cocaine addiction and insomnia
  • Heroin addiction and depression

The National Survey on Drug Use and Health shared statistics on the prevalence of mental health disorders and substance abuse. Their findings concluded that almost 9 million men and women are suffering from co-occurring disorders, also known as dual-diagnosis. Of those 9 million, only about 7 percent receive proper treatment for both problems. Additionally, the rate of homelessness among those with co-occurring disorders is increasing.

Trying to live with the burden of dual-diagnosis makes things like holding down a job, growing personal relationships, paying bills, and getting an education very difficult. Self-medicating with drugs, alcohol, and prescription painkillers may seem like the quickest way to get relief, but is severely damaging in the long run.

How does Portner Counseling Group treat co-occurring disorders?

Most conditions are easy to unravel, but the combination of mental health issues and substance abuse is more challenging to tackle. In some cases, mental illness comes first, in others addiction comes first. Either way, the two attract to each other to produce a seemingly unbreakable cycle. Fortunately, Portner Counseling Group can break the cycle with counseling for co-occurring disorders.

Our team of highly trained addiction and mental health counselors have the education and experience to provide intensive medical and therapeutic intervention that properly addresses and cares for both disorders at once. We believe mental illness is an underlying root cause of addiction, so our treatment approach addresses your deep wired emotions and brain function to better serve your life.

Break the cycle today. Contact Portner Counseling Group for more information on counseling for co-occurring disorders in South Florida.