Addiction Counseling Services that Work

Court Approved Counseling in South Florida

Whether you or someone you care about has found themselves in the middle of a drug, family, marital, or other kind of high stakes case, receiving an ultimatum from a judge is a blessing in disguise. When you hear the words “attend court approved counseling or serve time” – the better choice is obvious. Portner Counseling Group offers court approved counseling services in South Florida for those seeking to make a positive change in the right direction. Our program accepts court approved referrals for the treatment of anger management, substance abuse, domestic violence, and other individual and family-related cases.  We specialize in court mandated substance abuse treatment.

Does Court Mandated Counseling Work?

Many people amid such circumstances are unable to determine which course of action can best suit their situation, however studies show that those with legal pressure to attend counseling have higher attendance rates, and remain in treatment longer than those who voluntarily seek treatment. Court approved counseling in South Florida with Portner Counseling Group serves as a catalyst for change, rather than the harsh reality of incarceration. It is intended to persuade litigants to get the help they need, when they are unable or unwilling to get it on their own.

What Kind of Counseling Program Works Best?

In various types of cases, the judge may choose to give the defendant a second chance by ordering them to complete court approved counseling services instead of jail time. If a defendant is lucky enough to be provided this opportunity, it is especially important to find a quality counselor, as that can determine the outcome of a case. The team at Portner Counseling Group has specialized training in court-involved cases, like child welfare, drug abuse, divorce, conflict, divorce, and parental fitness. We work with courts in South Florida to provide highly specialized counseling services to adolescents and adults within the judicial system. Most importantly, we help our clients facilitate positive solutions for legal dilemmas.

Portner Counseling Group helps you to complete court ordered counseling in South Florida so that you and your loved ones can move forward in a positive direction. Our program uses evidence based therapeutic techniques with proven success to create treatment plans that ensure personal success. Our individual evaluations seek to understand the client’s work and home stressors, genetic habits, emotional connections, and behavioral patterns that lead to specific behaviors.

Who Does Portner Offer Counseling to?

Portner Counseling Group receives referrals from attorneys, judges, and other employees within the judicial system. Our services play an important role in legal situations. We are approved for court ordered counseling, however clients may enter our programs without a court order. We gladly offer our services to those seeking treatment on their own.

Our nation’s judicial system may be criticized for lengthy processes, but no one can argue that our judicial system works to serve the people.  Court approved counseling with Portner Counseling Group is a positive alternative to serving time. We’re ready to serve your case. Call us today.