Addiction Counseling Services that Work

Family Counseling in South Florida


Family Counseling is considered a key component to the Portner Counseling Group philosophy, especially with our services tailored to adolescents and young adults. Our family counseling services includes a process where family members can learn about the various aspects of addiction and the recovery behind it. They learn how to adapt to such circumstances and develop skills important in assisting their family members on the path to addiction recovery.

Our family counseling services for addiction in South Florida include fostering and maintaining the changes made during the counseling process. When appropriate, family counseling at PCG allows family members to explore and process the role that their personal family dynamics may have on the development and maintenance of addictive behaviors in the individual seeking counseling. Family counseling will also allow family members to process and achieve resolutions to certain household problems that may have resulted from the addict’s behaviors.

The effects of addiction are not limited to one person, and the causes of substance abuse can be extremely complex. Addiction can sometimes be referred to as the family disease and at PCG, we believe that successful treatment should incorporate each family member of the individual struggling with addiction.

Family Counseling can be defined as a group of treatment styles that target the group as a whole instead of just one individual. Families share a strong connection and bond, and the health and dynamics of a family unit can play a large role in the success of recovery.

The results of this treatment are very positive and the benefits of family counseling include:

  • Improving the mental and physical state of the family dynamic and environment
  • Allowing family members to gain awareness of the addiction severity
  • Building effective communication styles and relationship strength
  • Helping families become aware of addiction behaviors and ways to avoid enabling them
  • Learning and educating each member on the systems in place for treatment
  • Providing love and support for all family members involved

Our family counseling services emphasize motivation for change moving forward and assign accountability to each member. The sessions allow people closest to the addict such as parents, siblings, children, and spouses to be a part of the healing and treatment process. Your loved ones are also affected by this disease and their healing is important.

We Bring People Together

Addiction is a dark and lonely disease, and the pain can tear apart close relationships. Our family counseling services bring people together to help cope with and discuss the issues that are present. Recovery requires a team effort to ensure that the addict has a strong support system in the darkest of times. Our counselors focus on ways for family members to identify red flags, as well as repair the damage that the addiction has caused. The more a family can work together and demonstrate strong communication skills, the higher chance of a long-lasting recovery. Once the addict is in recovery, the family should have the proper tools to maintain a strong unit.

Portner Group Counseling offers effective family counseling services in South Florida to aid in the recovery of addiction. Contact us today to learn more about how our counseling services help families of addiction.