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Common Signs and Behaviors Associated with Relapse

Watching a loved one struggle with addiction is incredibly heartbreaking, whether it’s a child, a spouse, a family member, or a friend. Having a close relationship with an addict can send you on a seemingly never-ending emotional rollercoaster, but the decision to get addiction counseling can be the dawn of a new day.

It’s important to know that although your loved one is receiving treatment, relapse is an unfortunate possibility. Nearly 91% of heroin abusers relapse at least once in their lifetime, and 59% of those relapses are within the first week of treatment.

As someone who cares deeply for a person in recovery from substance abuse issues, it’s important that you provide ongoing support for the former addict and help them to avoid relapse at all costs. Keep in mind the most important signs of relapse, and call Portner Counseling Group for help the minute you see any of these signs.

Exposure to drug use

This is by far the easiest way for a recovering addict to relapse. Being around the substance they are trying to break free from can be impossibly hard to overcome. Try to make sure your loved one is not coming in contact with drugs or alcohol that may tempt them.

Increased stress levels

Build-up of negative emotional can be problematic for someone who is in the early stages of changing their coping mechanisms. If the recovering addict in your life is facing too much stress, try to put them in contact with a counselor, and make sure you offer support in any way you can to avoid a relapse.

Returning to Old Habits

It’s important to remember that a former addict doesn’t need to be in contact with drugs or alcohol to feel the urge to relapse. Simply being around people they used to use with or places they would go to use drugs or alcohol can bring back a rush of memories associated with using and can send them down a bad path. It’s your duty to help your loved one develop new habits and stay away from any negative people or places that are associated with drug and alcohol abuse.

Fortunately, there are reputable addiction and mental health treatment facilities with a trustworthy staff that are dedicated to helping your loved one recover. Portner Counseling offers highly specialized counseling services in South Florida for those who are suffering from substance abuse issues. Call today for help.