Addiction Counseling Services that Work

Licensed Mental Health Counselors at Portner Counseling Group in Pompano, Florida are waiting to assist you through the therapy you need to help improve your life. As a licensed and certified specialist, we are here to meet the needs of any mental health patients as they begin their journey to a better life. What exactly makes us specialists? Our counselors have the licenses, certificates, and work experience necessary to develop an understanding for each individual and the mental health care which they need. As a licensed mental health counselor and CAP, we have developed the skills necessary to assist any individual in overcoming any mental crisis they are experiencing.


What is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor?

At the head of our counselors is Casey Portner. Casey is both a licensed mental health counselor (LMHC) and a Certified Addictions Professional (CAP). As a mental health counselor, Casey has been trained in counseling, psychotherapy, prevention, and more. He specializes in working with families, couples, group therapy, or individual therapy settings.

At Portner Counseling, we’re passionate about:

  • Helping patients identify goals
  • Assessing the patient’s problems, disabilities, issues, and developing a plan to resolve any concerns
  • Supervising upcoming graduates, interns, and individuals who are looking to become licensed mental health counselors
  • Assisting with program development and research to improve mental health treatment and programs alike
  • Assisting and supervising patients to help with work placement based on the patient’s knowledge, skills, and abilities

As a mental health professional, it is also important to be CAP certified to assist patients with mental health and addiction therapy.

What is CAP?

Our counselors are referred to as Addiction Professionals. For each counselor to be considered an addiction professional, they must have obtained a CAP or Certified Addiction Professional Certificate. Through this certification, an individual can work professionally in a clinical environment.

The CAP Certification

There are specific requirements that are necessary for obtaining a CAP certification.

Formal Education

  • Each individual seeking certification must have obtained a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited University. The candidate’s field of study must be within an addiction-related field, such as social-work, human-services, mental health counseling, psychology or marriage, and family counseling.

Specific Training

  • Candidates must fully complete 350+ hours of coursework in nine areas of study within the last ten years of applying for certification.

Work Experience

  • Based on the type of degree which you have obtained will determine the amount of work experience required before obtaining CAP certification.
    • Bachelor or Non-Related Master’s Degree must complete six thousand hours of addiction-specific experience.
    • Related Master’s Degree must complete four thousand hours of addiction-specific experience.

Supervised Work Experience

  • Before receiving a CAP certification, each candidate must complete on-the-job supervised work in an addiction treatment setting. The candidate’s experience must meet the standards of practice upheld by the certification board.
    • Bachelor’s degree holders require three hundred hours of supervised experience.
    • Master’s degree holders require two hundred hours of supervised experience.

Additional Requirements

  • Letters of Recommendation, a background check, and a written exam must all be completed prior to CAP certification.

Once all requirements are met, a candidate is then granted a Certified Addiction Professional Certificate.

  • To maintain that status, the CAP must complete 20 of continuing education experience each year to remain certified.