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Mental Health Therapy in Pompano Beach

Individuals with mental health issues find psychotherapy or talk therapy to be useful in treating conditions. Depending on your current situation, the level of your mental health will determine the type and length of your mental health therapy. Other factors like medication and exercises will be added as part of your therapy if it is necessary as part of your overall treatment plan.

Meeting with a therapist can help you overcome and deal with symptoms, thoughts, stresses, behaviors, goals, and any other concerns which can have an overall effect on your mental health recovery. We understand that talking with a therapist can be tough, but it has been known to highlight the biggest problems in people’s lives. Additionally, sessions with a therapist which allow you to simply talk about your problems can be used as a feeling of stress-release, allowing you to feel heard, understood, and supported.

Therapy comes in many forms, whether it be individual, in groups, or as a family, the right option will be tailored to maximize results. As you go through therapy sessions you will be able to share your thoughts with people you trust, like family members or solely the therapist. At Portner Counseling, we understand that individuals with mental health issues have a very sensitive side, therefore trust needs to be built up slowly for progress to move forward. At Portner Counseling you will be in therapy sessions of the upmost confidence that anything between you and a therapist will remain exactly that: A trust-worthy environment that will never break.

What Mental Health Therapy Can Improve:

  • Enhancement in Problem Solving
  • Coping with Symptoms
  • Strength and Focus on Goals
  • Treating Pain from the Past
  • Behavioral Changes Toward What Holds You Back
  • How You Handle Strong Emotions (Anger, Fear, Grief)
  • Build Up Self-Confidence and Relationship Skills
  • Feel Stronger When Faced with Adversity

Family Therapy

  • Helps family members to communicate in a private setting to properly communicate problems and solve issues better. Family therapy is most commonly used for eating and bipolar disorders.

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

  • Also known as CBT, works to develop self-confidence and self-belief. Commonly used for depression, anxiety, bipolar disorders, and an array of conditions.

Interpersonal Therapy

  • Works to improve relationships and emotional expression. There are many different forms of Interpersonal Therapy which help specific conditions. Most common Interpersonal practices are focused on helping depression and bipolar disorders.

Psychodynamic Therapy

  • Helps individuals develop necessary skills to better process an understanding of emotions and motives which can have an overbearing effect on thoughts and actions.


  • This is to help any patience understand the importance of mental health therapy, conditions and the proper forms of recovery. As part of the healing process it is imperative that the patient understands why a type of therapy is being used and the purpose of that therapy. We understand why each step in the healing process is important and we want the patient to understand as well.

If you have any questions about Mental Health Therapy, conditions or our services please call us directly at 954-895-6263.