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Celebrities Who Were Former Addicts

If you’re battling drug or alcohol addiction, you’re not alone. In fact, some of the people you look up to may have even battled a form of addiction themselves. In this case, we’re referring to celebrity role models. Recovery is possible – and there are several celebrity stories to show for it.

While it’s easier said than done, there are many celebrities who’ve had an addiction problem in that past that have shown their strength and courage to be open with the world about their problem – not to mention they fought the good fight. Below are some sober celebrities who were former addicts and were able to overcome their problem with addiction.

Demi Lovato recovering drug addict

Demi Lovato

Perhaps one of the most current and well-known stories of celebrity addiction revolves around Demi Lovato. The now 26-year-old singer has been battling drug addiction since she was 17 years old. She has addressed her ongoing recovery in interviews, openly on social media, and through her music.

bradley cooper recovering drug addict

Bradley Cooper

After years of drug and alcohol abuse, Bradley Cooper made the decision to stop using drugs more than a decade ago. Since then, Bradley has become one of the most well-known mean in Hollywood, attributing his success to sobriety.

Jamie Lee Curtis

After a serious painkiller addiction, Jamie Lee Curtis credits recovery from prescription painkillers as the reason she is a great advocate for drug abuse. This actress and children’s book author wouldn’t be where she is today without the proper drug addiction counseling.

Elton John

Musician Elton John struggled with an addition to cocaine and alcohol in the 80s, at the height of prevalent drug use in celebrity culture. As such a successful and well-known musician during that time, he thoroughly understands the struggles of someone who is addicted to a controlled substance. Elton John has now been almost 30 years sober.

kat von d recovering alcoholic

Kat Von D

This LA Ink star has been sober for more than 10 years. Her choice to become sober stemmed from the moment she realized alcohol started to get in the way of her passion for tattooing. While Kat was able to give up alcohol on her own, she’s very transparent with how difficult recovery can be. She encourages those struggling with addition to go to an alcohol or drug detox treatment center for professional help.


There are many celebrities that have struggled with addiction in the past, and they’ve come out on the other side, showing us all that real recovery is possible. You too can celebrate your sobriety. Take the first step. Contact our addiction specialists at our Pompano treatment center to start your journey to recovery today.