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The Benefits of Family Counseling

Family Counseling at PortnerA drug and alcohol addiction can be very painful for the individual suffering as well as the loved ones surrounding that person. A lot of strain can be placed on the family dynamic and it’s so important for the whole family to heal together during this time. Addiction treatment can include various therapy methods and often times, family counseling is offered to strengthen relationships and help the addicted individual overcome the challenges associated with a drug and alcohol addiction. Portner Counseling Group shares with you the benefits of family counseling and how this therapy approach allows for a successful recovery.

During family counseling, family members learn how to develop the necessary skills needed to assist their loved one on the path to addiction recovery. It’s important to realize that certain people may never comprehend the reasoning behind their loved one’s addiction and family counseling will help to clear up those underlying issues and allow the family unit to grow in addiction recovery.


The benefits of family counseling include:

  • Strengthening the family unit and improving communication skills between every member.
  • Educating each family member on the disease of addiction and the methods that need to be in place to overcome a substance abuse.
  • Learning how to not enable certain behaviors that can lead to addiction.
  • Educating family members on the warning signs of relapse and how to help your family member pull through challenging situations
  • Addressing each family member’s concerns during the recovery process and improving transparency for all members


A family unit should provide love and support for an individual going through recovery and the benefits of family counseling will allow everyone to heal and grow together. Contact Portner Counseling Group today to learn more about our family counseling services.