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5 Tips for Staying Sober Over the Holidays

With non-stop parties, gatherings, and other holiday festivities, Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day brings many situations that could be difficult for those new to sobriety. There’s no reason to miss the holiday fun just because you’re new to sobriety. Use Portner Counseling Group’s 5 easy tips for staying sober at holiday parties to ensure you’re sticking to your commitment to yourself!

1. Bring a Friend

Having a friend who understands and supports your recovery can be a very helpful tool during the temptations of a holiday party. It’s easier to stay sober when you’re not the only one. Also try calling your sponsor or counselor for a little extra motivation.

2. Hold a drink in your hand

You can avoid people constantly offering you drinks by simply having your own drink in your hand always. Keep water, soda, coffee, or any non-alcoholic drink with you so people don’t try to offer you alcoholic beverages.

3. Have an excuse ready

Prepare an easy excuse to use in case someone offers you a drink or asks why you’re not joining. You can always say you’re the designated driver for the night, you’re not feeling too well, or you have something very important to do in the morning.

4. Set boundaries

Set boundaries for what you will and won’t be around at these parties. Know where you draw the line, and remember that you can always leave if you are uncomfortable or feel tempted to partake in risky behavior.

5. Remember your commitment

More than anything else, remember your commitment to yourself. Keep your hard work and dedication to your sobriety in mind, and remember that drinking or using drugs at one party is a setback in your sober accomplishments.

Portner Counseling Group wants to ensure our friends and family feel comfortable and confident enjoying the holiday season with their newfound sobriety. Our Pompano addiction counselors are here for you. Call us today if you need help over the holidays.